Terms and conditions

  • What is the offer?

    Get cash discount of Fynfo petrol offer on petrol purchase at IOCL.
    Offer is available in both online Fynfo.com shopping and offline direct purchase with FAS is available.
    Maximum petrol cash discount can avail per customer depends on how much they spend on their purchases with fynfo.com and the Fynfo Associated Stores (FAS), only if Fynfo (For online) / FAS (Direct) approve your petrol discount request.
    Rs.10-/ per day per purchase of on or above the purchase value slab set by the FAS and the approval of FAS to their customer is applicable
    Customer can avail maximum of Rs.100-/ day depends upon the approval of Fynfo / FAS.

    What is the eligibility criteria?

    Customer should shop/purchase at Fynfo.com / FAS are eligible for the petrol cash discount.
    For all users, one time per day can avail the offer till the offer date to the particular customer at IOCL petrol pumps.
    At partner Indian Oil Retail Outlet’s(RO).
    In case the cash discount was not available kindly check your Fynfo petrol offer wallet for your balance details else contact the Fynfo customer care for the further details.
    Per day offer starts from the 1st day from your offer date at 00:00 hours till 11:59 pm only.
    In case if you are not availed the petrol cash discount on a particular day on offer period you cannot be avail the same on the next day, but you can avail the next day offer if it is available.

    When can I get the Petrol Cash Discount offer?

    For Online Shopping / Purchase:

    After the shopping/purchase you made with Fynfo.com online and get honored both the delivery and the payment to Fynfo.com as well one day after the honored day your offer will become active
    Customer who is eligible for petrol cash discount is notified via SMS to their registered mobile number with Fynfo.com.

    For Offline Shopping / Purchase with FAS:

    After the Shopping / purchase made with FAS, the FAS needs to approve your petrol offer request, once the FAS approved your petrol offer customer will be eligible to avail it one day after the approval by FAS.
    The petrol cash discount value is discretion of the FAS. Fynfo is not responsible for the offer value.
    If the FAS were not approved, then the customer is not eligible for the petrol cash discount offer and the company is not responsible for the non-approval for the particular customer.
    All the customers who are eligible for the petrol cash discount offer will get notified via SMS and customer can check their petrol cash discount value on their Fynfo app with their registered mobile number.

    What happens if I am eligible for more than one offer?

    If you are eligible for more than one offer, you can avail the maximum petrol cash discount value as per the day value which is available in your Fynfo petrol offer wallet.

    What happens in case of cancellation of my Fynfo petrol cash discount offer?

    Fynfo / FAS has all the rights to cancel / terminate your petrol cash discount at any time if company finds any fault / manipulation / malpractices made by the customer at any of Fynfo.com / FAS / IOCL R. O’s.
    In case the customer offer is not working or cannot be claimed, kindly contact the Fynfo customer care number provided immediately with in the transaction made at petrol pump.
    Any claims after 24 hours of the issues are not responsible by the company.

    Can I transfer the value of the petrol cash discount to bank account or my UPI?

    No, you cannot transfer the petrol cash discount values to your bank / UPI account.
    Fynfo – IOCL Petrol offer values are created to use to avail the petrol cash discount offer with IOCL Petrol RO’s.

    Other Terms and Conditions:

    A User can get Fynfo-IOCL Petrol Cash Discount only by shopping / purchasing with Fynfo.com online or with FAS offline / direct shopping.
    Offer is applicable only for android users, iOS users can avail this offer by using their browser.
    Any Fynfo petrol cash discount queries should be raised within 24 hours, post a transaction made with Fynfo.com / FAS / IOCL Petrol Pump.
    Fynfo petrol cash discount can only be used to get discount with the partnered IOCL Retail Outlets.
    Fynfo – IOCL Petrol Cash Discount money values cannot be withdrawn to any linked bank account or transferred to other bank accounts.
    If customer is not given the OTP on demand by the employee of IOCL petrol pump then their petrol cash discount is not valid.
    The transaction must be initiated with using Fynfo-Shopping Application available in Play store and registered as well with the relevant mobile number along with KYC verification.
    Fynfo Marketplace Private Limited reserves the right to award offers and related benefits as per internal policy decided by Fynfo from time to time.
    Fynfo Marketplace Private Limited has the right to amend the terms & conditions, end the offer, or call back any or all its offers without prior notice.
    In case of any dispute, Fynfo Marketplace Private Limited reserves the right to resolve the same as per the Terms & Conditions of any offer at its sole discretion.